Wheelin’ With WEB By Bill Bentson

Wheelin’ With WEB

            By Bill Bentson                                                                         Vol. 5, No. 15

                                                                                                                        Jan. 30, 2020

            ‘On the road again’ Willie Nelson, has nothing on me.  This past couple of weeks the road trips have been shorter (kinda), but more of them.  Monday, Jan. 21, in Ada, for b/g double-header between Ada-Borup West and Norman County East/Ulen-Hitterdal.  Great game for the boy’s; Ada-Borup West, in overtime.  ABW is ranked #3 in Class A, NCE/U-H is #19.  Tuesday, Jan. 22, in Crookston for gbb, Crookston vs ABW.  Crookston has a nice team, and they’re young.  Wednesday, Jan. 22, in Moorhead, mens/womens double-header, Concordia vs St. John’s/St. Bens.  St. John’s is really good! Thursday, Jan. 23, in Ada, gbb, vs Hawley.  Hawley has a nice team.  Head coach for Hawley, Bill Gottenborg, picked up his 600th win.  Only the ninth coach, in gbb, to have 600 (+) wins.  Friday, Jan. 24, in Pillager, bbb, vs Bertha-Hewitt.  Son Jim’s team got a win.  Saturday, Jan. 25, at Anoka-Ramsey Community College.  We had our abbreviated 1st Annual Minnesota High School Basketball Hall of Fame Winter Classic.  This was originally scheduled for Jan. 18, but got postponed because of bad weather.  We were supposed to have three girls’ games and three guys’ games, but none of the girls’ teams could reschedule for the 25th, so we just had the boys’ games; Hibbing (58) vs Hopkins (90), Eden Prairie (82) vs Park Center (64) and East Ridge (64) vs Rochester Mayo (63).  Hopkins looked good and shot the ball very well.  Eden Prairie is an excellent team and is very deserving of their #1 ranking.  The Eagles had a 29-point lead on PC at one time in the first half.  The Pirates are ranked 8th, in AAAA.  Mayo had an 11-point lead with seven minutes to go in the game, and let East Ridge back in the game.  Some questionable calls, shots and plays cost Mayo the game.  They could ‘make some noise’ in Section 1AAAA, if everybody plays their game.  The Madsen twins looked OK, but Michael Sharp was, right, ‘sharp’ (sorry).

            Wish we could have had our three gbb games; Lakeville North (#14 AAAA) vs St. Michael-Albertville (#4 AAAA), Mt. Iron-Buhl (#3 A) vs Sauk Centre (#1 AA) and Hopkins (#1 AAAA) vs Stillwater (#6 AAAA).  We had a good crowd at the games, but the girls would have ‘put us over the top’.

            I think we already have next year’s games set, so put the middle of January, 2021, on your schedule, for some great ‘hoops action’ at our Second Annual Winter Classic.

            And speaking of the Hall of Fame.  Don’t forget our Third Annual Jack Link’s Minnesota High School Basketball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Sunday, April 5, 2:30 p.m., at the Marriott City Center Ballroom (30 South 7th Street, downtown Minneapolis).  Tickets for the event are $25, and available through our website; www.mnhsbasketballhall.com.  Or, I have tickets, and you can contact me. 

            Once again, our 2020 Class includes Annie Adamczak Glavan (Moose Lake, 1982), Brian Cosgriff (Hopkins girls, current), Vicki Davis (St. Peter, 1967), Tayler Hill (Mpls. South, 2009), Sam Jacobson (Park, Cottage Grove, 1994), Ziggy Kauls (Mounds View boys’ coach), Terry Kunze (Duluth Central, 1961), Mark Landsberger (Mounds View, 1973), Kevin Lynch (Bloomington Jefferson, 1987), Larry McKenzie (Mpls. Patrick Henry, Mpls. North, coach), Tom Nordland (Mpls. Roosevelt, 1957), Jim Robinson (St. Paul Mechanic Arts, 1951. referee), Dave Tschimperle, Hopkins, 1953), Frank Wachlarowicz (Little Falls, 1975) and Barry Wohler (Bird Island-Lake Lillian, 1981). 

            Our inductees will also be introduced on the court at halftime of the Minnesota Timerwolves game vs the Detroit Pistons at 6 p.m. that evening.

            Also, got someone to nominate for 2021?  Get to our website and find out how the process works!

            Continuing, after the very important interruption.  Monday (Jan. 27)and Tuesday (Jan.28), of this week, I was back in Ada for a gbb game vs Climax/Fisher and a bbb game with Park Christian (Moorhead).  And the week isn’t done yet.  Tonight (Thursday), the Ada-Borup West girls host Park Christian, Friday I’ll stop in Verndale for the Pillager boys’ game and Saturday I plan on being in Forest Lake to watch my granddaughter, Jada, dance for the Brainerd Kicksters, in the Section Four tournament.  Whew!  I’m pooped and I haven’t even finished yet, this article, or my scheduled events.

            Congratulations to Elle Buchholtz, Kingsland junior.  She scored her 1,000th point in a win against Lanesboro on Jan. 24th.  Keep up the good work girl!

            Here’s a quadruple-double, of a different sort.  Traditionally, when you record a d-d, triple-double, or more, the categories you’re referring to are points, rebounds, steals, assists and blocks.  I know I’m stretching the definition, but I think it is definitely worth mentioning, even though it probably won’t get into the record book, it surely will get into the memory book!  This past Tuesday, in a game against Houston, Kandace Sikkink made 10 field goals, made 10 free throws, pulled down 10 rebounds and scored 30 points.  Congratulations Kandace on an outstanding performance! Don’t stop now girl!

            I’m sure all of you are aware that Kobe Bryant and his daughter, along with seven other victims, were killed in a helicopter crash.  Our prayers go out to the families of all of the victims.  Bryant is probably receiving a lot of the attention, because of his ‘star-status’ as a basketball player.  All of us have different thoughts and memories, of Kobe, and how he touched our lives in many different ways.  I’ve been a Laker fan for a very long time; going back to George Mikan, Slater Martin, Elgin Baylor, Boo Ellis, ‘Hot Rod’ Hundley, John Kundla, etc., where they were the Minneapolis Lakers.  There’s a part of me, that is also focusing on Shaquille O’Neal, on why, and how he is feeling.  Apparently, there were some ‘bad feelings’, or reported bad feelings, between he and Kobe Bryant.  But, recently, the relationship was mended.  Do you have some ‘fences’ that need to be mended?  Is there someone you need to ‘reach out’ to, or contact, and just say ‘hey’, or I love you?  I know it shouldn’t take a tragic death, or a serious injury to remind us, but often, that is the case.

            Here’s another coincidence.  This past Wednesday, on The Price is Right game show, a lady bid $27, 824 for a hot tub and two trips, and the other player bid $24,000 for designer shoes, a trip and a car.  I hear you saying, you’re reading way too much into that.   Perhaps, but it is rather ironic.  In case you didn’t know, and I’ll remind you, Kobe Bryant had two numbers when he played with the Lakers, 24 and 8.  And here’s the real kicker, I bet the show was taped at least a week before the accident that killed Bryant!

            Joe Cullen (wrestling coach for FCLMC) is one of my best coaches for getting me the material I need for my weekly newspaper articles.  Sometimes, he is overly efficient, but also, sometimes the ‘site’ will send me the info, and Joe.  That may have been the case, regarding the results from the Riceville ‘Cat’ tournament. I think I got three emails, with results, which got me wondering.  Did we wrestle some of these teams twice, which could happen in a double-elimination tournament (more likely with individuals, though, not teams); but I wanted to be sure.  So, before writing my FCLMC wrestling article, I sent off an email to Mr. Cullen, asking him how many matches we had, etc.  Here’s what I got back from Joe. 

“We had 5 duels and we were 4-1 on the day, losing to a tough Crestwood team that had 5 ranked wrestlers.  Having a full line up has really helped us be competitive this season.  Our duel record right now is 9 - 7.  This team has the best record for our school in the last 20 years, that is since the team we sent to state.  I can't be more-proud of my wrestlers, but especially this year’s seniors.  It has been a tough stretch these last 5 years for them and they persevered.  Their duel record going into this year was 4 - 73.  Not only did they stick it out when the team was struggling to win, but they hung through when they had losing seasons on JV.   Their combined individual records on JV their seventh-grade year was 1 - 38.  Many kids would have quit.  This year combined they have 49 varsity wins and are a big reason for our success.  Our team focus of becoming better athletes and better people could not be represented any better than in these seniors.  I am very proud of them.”

High praise for six seniors; Michael Barrett, Bradon Knutson, Taylor Kunz, Stefan Nikoloski, Izayah Rietheimer and Harley Weed.  We’re proud of you too!  Keep up the good work and never say never.

I had big plans this week for listing the top three teams in each section, boys and girls, getting all the ranked wrestlers into my article, but just ran out of space.  I’ll put the standing in, maybe Dave can squeeze them in someplace.  Some good websites include, The Guillotine, Minnesota-scores and Minnesota Basketball News.  You can get all the rankings, and more.

Check out Al Batt, he’s a hoot (or something like that).  This isn’t Al, this is me.  I was driving by Acorn Lake, near Detroit Lakes, recently, and I saw several vehicles on the ice.  I said they’re nuts!

Thanks for your READERship, I love you all.  Hey to the Great 8, my fab 4, and my super wife, Carol.  Thanks Dave, for your patience; maybe you should be a doctor. Thanks Lee. Have a great week everybody, one day at a time.  Small towns, nothing better.  WEB.  Hey Molly, I’ve been thinking about you.

2019-20 Southeast Conference BBB standings

                                                            …through Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020

East division

Schaeffer Academy       9-2       14-4

Houston                       7-3       12-8

Spring Grove                6-4         9-8

Lanesboro                    3-8         8-10

Mabel-Canton              1-10       3-14

West division

Grand Meadow             9-2       13-5

Randolph                     9-2       12-6

Lyle/Pacelli                  9-3       12-5

LeRoy-Ostrander          5-7         7-11

Kingsland                     3-8         5-14

Glenville-Emmons        0-12       2-16

2019-20 Three Rivers Conference BBB standings and schedule

                                                                                    …through Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020

East division                             TRC      reg. s    vs West

Caledonia                                 10-0     17-0     6-0

LaCrescent-Hokah                      9-0     13-3     5-0 (So.)

Lewiston-Altura                          7-3     15-3     5-1

Rushford-Peterson                     2-8       8-10   1-5

Fillmore Central                          1-8       3-13   0-5 (DE)

Cotter                                        0-10     1-17   0-6


West division                                                   vs East

St. Charles                                6-3       10-7     4-2

Plainview-Elgin-Millville            6-4       12-5     3-3

Dover-Eyota                             6-4         8-9     2-3 (FC)

Southland                                4-6         8-8     2-3 (LaC-H)

Chatfield                                  4-6         6-10   3-3

Wabasha-Kellogg                      3-6         9-9     3-3


2019-20 Southeast Conference GBB standing               

                                                            …through Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020

East division                 SEC       reg. s

Houston                       8-0       14-5

Lanesboro                    5-5         8-11

Mabel-Canton              5-5         7-12

Schaeffer Academy       3-7         5-15

Spring Grove                2-8         4-15

West division

Kingsland                     9-0       13-8

Grand Meadow             9-2       13-6

Randolph                     5-5         6-13

Lyle/Pacelli                  3-7         4-15

LeRoy-Ostrander          0-10       0-18


2019-20 Three Rivers Conference GBB standings

                                                            …through Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020

East division                                                     vs W

Cotter                                      10-1     17-3     4-1

Fillmore Central                          7-3     14-5     2-2 (DE)

Lewiston-Altura                          4-6       6-12   1-3 (PEM)

Caledonia                                   3-8       5-14   1-4

LaCrescent-Hokah                      2-8       5-13   0-4 (So.)

Rushford-Peterson                     0-11     2-17   0-5


West division                                                   vs E

Dover-Eyota                             9-1       14-4     4-1 (FC)

Plainview-Elgin-Millville            8-2       10-8     5-0 (LA)

Southland                                6-4       10-7     3-2 (LaC-H)

St. Charles                                5-6         9-11   4-2

Chatfield                                  3-7         8-13   3-3